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We can help you get credit for your monthly rent payments on your credit report. We report your payments directly to the credit bureaus on your behalf.
Report your rent payments
Your rent payments are not part of your credit score, unless you report them.
At HomeLoanGurus, we make reporting your rent payments easy. By working with us, your monthly rent payments will be reported to the credit bureaus so you can get credit for those payments on your credit report. 

All customers also receive access to credit monitoring tools so you can track your credit score and the impact that reporting your rent provides.  TransUnion states that after adding rent to credit reports, customers can see an average increase of 40 points.

This score increase, could help you purchase a home!

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We report to top credit bureaus
  • Report your monthly rent payments to the credit bureaus to get credit on your credit report.
  • Monitor your credit on a weekly or monthly basis to track your progress.
  • Free monthly TransUnion credit reports.
  • Access credit simulators to determine next steps.
Tools for you
Credit Monitoring
As part of your rent reporting services, customers also have access to credit monitoring services to track the progress of their credit score. 

Report your rent

Monitor your progress

Purchase a home

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