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500-620 Credit Score FHA Home Loan Program For Realtors.

HomeLoanGurus and AmCap Home Loans have joined forces to offer Realtors direct access to a leading FHA home loan team for buyers with credit scores that range from 500 - 620.

With the help of Realtors across the state, and guidance by Joe Healy, the AmCap Home Loans Branch Manager, the team has quickly grown into one of the largest FHA home loan producers in Texas.

If you have buyers unable to get approved to purchase a home, let us help you. We only work with credit challenged buyers, and have the lending expertise to assist your buyers become pre-approved.

With direct access to Joe and his team, you can now turn your credit challenged buyer into potential deals.

Give us a call or ask us to call you here.

Our FHA program for buyers with a credit score range of 500 - 620.

  • 500 - 579 credit - FHA - 10% min. down payment

  • 580+ credit - FHA - 3.5% min. down payment

  • 580+ credit - VA - 0% down payment

  • Manual underwrite on FHA & VA loans available

  • FHA up to 56.99% DTI with automated approval

  • Alternative trade lines accepted

  • 21-30 day turn around from contract date to fund date

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