Pre-Approved Buyer Referrals,
Ready to Purchase
Our referrals come with a pre-approval in hand, and are ready to start shopping
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How We Deliver Pre-Approved Buyers to You
HomeLoanGurus generates thousands of mortgage leads per month for our preferred lenders. Once the leads are pre-approved by the preferred lender to purchase a home, we connect them to our realtor partners so they can start shopping for a home. 
All of our pre-approved buyers are ready to purchase, and need a realtor to help them transact. Since our leads are "mortgage first", they are unattached to a realtor and are presented directly to you.
How It Works
No Lead Cost

We are only payed a referral fee upon closing - you never pay for a lead.

Referral Fee

HomeLoanGurus collects a referral fee through our licensed real state division on each closed deal.

Only Deal With Hot Referrals

The buyer referrals have just been pre-approved and are excited to connect with a realtor to start shopping.

Limited Space

We are seeking a win-win relationship for you, us, and our preferred lenders. We keep our network small, so everyone has lots of business.

How To Qualify To Receive Buyer Referrals
We are looking for buyer's agents that are active in their market. We will end you pre-approved buyer referrals, and we also ask that you send buyers to our preferred lenders.
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FHA Market Leaders

HomeLoanGurus is a market leader of FHA home loans, and is the leading producer for lenders in Texas.

Specialized In Poor Credit

Our lender partners specialize in working with credit challenged borrowers with scores between 500-620.

Get People Into Homes

Pre-approved buyer referrals are looking to purchase quickly.

Work With Experts