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HomeLoanGurus is partnered with Home Link Credit Services to provide to provide you the help you need to become pre-approved for a home loan.
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The people at Home Link have helped be resolve issues on credit report. I was able to qualify for an FHA loan to purchase my home.

Home Link did what they said they would do.

We have been trying to qualify for a house for a long time. We were referred to Home Link, and in a few months, we were able to get our credit up enough to qualify.

Our business model is designed to help you.
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We will dispute, repair, or delete negative items on your credit report.

Derogatory marks on your credit report can negatively impact your credit score. By disputing incorrect info, these negative items can be repaired or deleted and potentially increase your score.

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We make recommendations to help you become pre-approved with our lenders.

Once your negative items are repair or validated, we will make lender type recommendations to help you get pre-approved.

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Your cost is free! We work through the lens of a mortgage lender.

Your cost is free if you become pre-approved with one of our lenders, or if we fail to make any changes to your credit score.